Entry Requirements

Can access to Official Master’s Degrees:

  • Those who have an official Spanish Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Those who have a degree issued by a higher education institution of the EHEA which enables to access a Master’s Degree in the country where the degree was issued.
  • Those who graduated in educative system outside the European Higher Education Area that do not need ratification, after the University has verified that this degree accredits an educational level equivalent to the corresponding official Spanish university degrees and that enable to the country issuing the degree for accessing postgraduate studies.

If there are more requests than offered places, the criteria published by the Academic Committee every year, and the regulation on the different universities will be followed.


Entry profile

It is recommended as an entry profile the existence of a previous academic training in the field of Arts and Humanities or in Social Sciences, especially to have taken a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent which considers a specific training in linguistic studies, in the field of communication.