The Quality Guarantee System of the Faculty of Philology and Translation is a basic strategic tool to achieve the continuous improvement in the centre and in its official degrees.

In this sense, it should be highlighted that the Royal Decree 1393/2007 of October 29, 2007, which establishes the regulations regarding the official university education requires that, in order to verify and accredit a degree, it is necessary to incorporate an internal quality guarantee system to evaluate, monitor and improve the educational offer quality.

The RD 420/2015, of May 29, on the creation, recognition, authorisation and accreditation of universities and university centres determines, that, to obtain institutional accreditation, university centres have to obtain certification of the implementation of their QGS and have renewed initial accreditation according to the general procedure of at least half of the official bachelor’s and master’s degrees taught at the center.

Basic documentation on the Quality Guarantee System of the Faculty of Philology and Translation: